Klaus Müller
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Lizardtech Document Express with DjVu

DocumentExpress with DjVu allows the creation of complex, fulltext searchable color documents with extremely high compression, without any relevant loss of quality. Thereby the costs of document management could massively be reduced, concerning electronic document storage as well as bandwidth. On the other side scanning in color not only leads to better readable images, it also reduces the expense of presorting or rescanning dramatically. Additional the ability to capture and store documents with higher resolution in an efficient way results in better recognition rates of OCR.

Datasheet djvu ( 2 pages, 300 dpi, color, 76,5 kb )

Lizardtech Express Server

Use the technology, originally developed for geo information systems, to provide and distribute high resolution documents via intra- or internet. The high compression without compromising image quality allows applications, You won't really think about using other document formats: for example make whole product catalogs, spare part lists or operation guides in color available to Your users or customers. Through the possibility of download on page level such documents could even be handled with GSM or PDA's.

Advantages at one View:

Highly efficient document format with wavelet technology, Open Source
Fulltext enabled, download of single pages possible
Documents aren't changeable.So the format is according to legal rules of archiving
Access management on document level
Viewing, printing with a free Browser-Plugin ( 900 kb )
Support of industry formats like TIF, JPG, BMP oder JPG2000 ( without Plugin )

Datasheet djvu ( 300 dpi, color, 34,8 kb )
Lizardtech Browser-Plugin Download